I didn’t give you life. Life gave me you.

Life gave me your humor. Your infectious laughter when I tickle your neck, chase you down the hall, or play peekaboo. The way you blame farts on the dog and how hilarious you find the Mickey cartoon shorts, despite watching them hundreds of times.

Life gave me your stubbornness and sass. The way you love to tell me no. Your insistence of “I no do that again,” even though you will. Your quick ability to tell me when you don’t like something or you think I’m doing/saying something that’s incorrect.

Life gave me your curiosity. The way you already ask “Why?” about everything. Your fearless nature and how you tackle every new adventure the exact same way you jump into a pool: no hesitation and at full force. 

Life gave me your compassion. Your hugs and kisses when you can tell that someone is hurt or feeling blue. Your snuggles and reassurance when another person sheds tears. The way you say I love you, especially when it’s unprompted.

I didn’t give you life. Life gave me you. And I am forever grateful.

Happy third birthday, little one.