#microblogmonday: i was a bad mom

I was a bad mom this morning.

I was not patient. I lost my cool, more than once. I had reached the end of my rope — a rope that is already worn from parenting a child who struggles to control her behavior and emotions.

And now? I am struggling . . . with guilt. Guilt over not being the best version of myself, once again. Guilt over the many ways I could have handled things differently.

I was a bad mom. And I know that she needs me to be better.


9 thoughts on “#microblogmonday: i was a bad mom

  1. if you said that about any other situation, would you consider yourself to be a bad person? Or a bad wife? Or a bad woman? No. You’re just another mum on a regular day. You’re not a bad mum. Oh, and by the way, I feel exactly the same way every time I blow a gasket cause my adorable child gets on my last nerve. Get good sleep, find time for yourself (even if it’s five minutes) and keep moving forward – you’re doing a better job than you think.

  2. Rachel says:

    Well, Im thinking in my head, “Thank God Im not the only one” Thanks for being honest. We’ve all been there. I just try to learn from it and be more prepared for the next battle.

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