spring in seattle

We are now in the middle of May and the temperature is still inconsistent in Seattle. For example, we spent the weekend in the 50s with little sunshine. This week, it will be close to 80 degrees and sunny every day. And then, we repeat the cool, cloudy weather over the weekend. Regardless, we are still getting out of the house and exploring almost every weekend. The thing I’ve learned about living here is that if you let the clouds or rain keep you indoors, you may never go outside.

Aside from the cherry blossoms, we’ve done a couple of other “iconic Seattle” things this spring. One was the Skagit Tulip Festival about one hour north of the city, in a town called Mt. Vernon. I love tulips, and I insisted we go and check it out. Joey wasn’t too sure about driving all that way to see tulips, but I think he agrees now that it was worth the adventure.


tulips 2

I also had a chance to visit Alki Beach that same day, my first venture to West Seattle and to a west coast beach. Talk about some amazing views of the Olympics and the city skyline.



We’ve yet to take a ferry ride or spot an Orca, but both are on our “to do” list. (I did spot a sea lion on our beach trip, though, which was amazing!)

Last, but certainly not least, we took K to see her first baseball game. I like baseball. I don’t typically watch it on TV because it puts me to sleep, but I love going to a game and experiencing a day at the ballpark. I was nervous how a toddler who has little to no patience would deal with a game that can last for hours, but she handled it well. We arrived at the park about 30 minutes before the game started and we made it through the 7th inning. The weather was beautiful, to boot.


Our only foul? Taking K to meet the mascot.


Not. a. fan.

Next time, we’ll save her from the trauma of interacting with the Mariner Moose.


4 thoughts on “spring in seattle

  1. You guys are experiencing very similar weather to here….50s…..rain…sunny..warm….50s… blah. It’s hard to plan anything! Gorgeous pics!

  2. Our weather is just a little inconsistent here too… at the pool and 80 degrees the weekend before last. Then snowstorms all of last weekend. Those are some gorgeous pictures – glad you’re taking advantage of the new adventures! (I heart tulips too.)

  3. AJ says:

    I’ve followed your blogs for a while and was wondering if you like Seattle more than where you moved from. I live in a hot climate and Seattle sounds pretty amazing. Just curious if you’ve acclimated to the changes/differences and which place you like better. You’ve taken beautiful photos by the way. They look like postcards!

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